The Competitive Edge, specializing in Therapeutic Bodywork, Sports Massage, and Equine massage was founded by Barbara Foose in 1998. As an athlete and top level competitor she has life long experience with Sports Massage for herself and for her horses.

"I was that competitor who always tried to work through the pain and just assumed that my body would forgive me. But I discovered that the muscle holds memories and needs constant readjustment back to the basic state in order to avoid permanent injuries."

After her retirement from competition, Barbara traveled extensively from Costa Rica and the Caribbean to Hawaii and New Zealand to learn and train in different massage therapies.

She is a nationally certified and licensed massage therapist.

"Whether you are active in a professional sport, hobby or career, I believe that my work can help you gain a positive EDGE in life so that you can truly enjoy the journey."

to contact Barbara Foose please call (717) 870-1583
or email

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