Ruth Hogan Poulsen - Professional Dressage Instructor, Trainer & Competitor. Also Musical Freestyle choreography and editing.

Gina Marie Mondel - Private Tutoring Services for Equestrians.

Susan Stickle - Professional Dressage Photographer covering Local, Regional, National and International Venues.

Caroline Rider - Student of The Horse, Clinician,Teacher. Tao of Horsemanship Practitioner

Shawna Harding - Professional Dressage Trainer and Competitor and

Equilates - A system to Develop the Equestrian Athlete through the use of Pilates-Based Exercises. -

Betsy Steiner - known Grand Prix Dressage Trainer and Competitor -

Valhalla - Florida's top training and breeding center for quality warmbloods -

Leslie Charles: Speaker-Author-Inspirational Jewelry Designer -

Tami Hoag - New York Times Best Selling Author and Top Amateur Grand Prix Dressage Rider -

Erin Brinkman - Professional Dressage Trainer and Competitor

Diane Rodich - Professional Dressage Trainer and Quality Horse Sales

Karen S. Rohrbaugh - Artist/Jewelry designer. Follow her on FB: SeeingThingsVisualArts. For custom Creations:

Corefitness Pilates

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