Lomi Lomi is an ancient healing art practiced by the native Hawaiians. They believe muscle tension and negative thinking can block energy flow, and they use massage to improve it. Lomi Lomi massage works the muscles with continuous, flowing strokes and one of the unique aspects of the work is that the practitioner will often use the elbow or forearms. These take the place of a special stick that used to be used by the Hawaiian shaman or 'kahuna' to achieve deeper massage.

Lomi Lomi is intended not to be just a physical experience, but also to facilitate overall healing. The Hawaiian view is that the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies are all part of the whole self so that when something happens on one level, all levels are affected.

In the Hawaiian language, when something is very special it is repeated twice. Lomi Lomi massage is indeed deserving of that recognition. Everyone should experience the 'spirit of Aloha'.

What Clients said about Lomi Lomi:

"After a massage session with Barbara I always feel really great, but after a session of Lomi, I feel HEALED"
Jeanne Lee

"When I heard about Lomi I wondered how it could possibly "compete" with the great neuromuscular work Barbara has given me for so many years. But I had to try it, and am glad I did! I feel Lomi offers the same beneficial results but with a gentler approach- I'm hooked! I swear, my first Lomi session sent me into a parallel universe where I felt serene, centered and motivated. So much so that I proceeded to stay home and cook a great meal totally forgetting to attend a supposedly important meeting that same evening. Your Lomi hands worked magic, giving me exactly what I needed at that moment in time"
C. Leslie Charles

"Lomi is more then just a massage, it is a wonderful GIFT!"
Carol Mase - Coach Consultant

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