"I have known Barbara for almost a decade and have found no one better than her concerning the care of my horses and my own body. Her massage techniques are excellent, healing and create results. Barbara is very gifted and talented and incorporates years of knowledge and experience into her treatments. Her fun, enthusiastic and upbeat nature makes her a joy to be around and certainly influences the positive work she does. All of our horses have been in her regular care and I have seen remarkable results in their bodies from her work. She is constantly learning, taking new courses and bringing the very latest and best to her clients both equine and human. I can and have relied on her to keep our team in top condition. Many, many thanks to you Barbara for all you have done for us!!!"

Betsy Steiner- Professional Dressage Trainer/Competitor/Coach

"We have known Barbara for more then 8 years as a massage therapist, horse trainer, house guest and friend. She is honest, forthright,humorous, bright, knowledgeable and just plain fun to be around. No one has more or better stories of life. Her skills as an equine and human massage therapist are excellent. This is from personal experience and from observing our horses' response to her talented hands. What sets Barbara apart is her level of experience and drive for continuing education in her field. She is always looking for new ways to help her clients. We have no reservations referring our family and friends to Barbara, and we continue to recommend her with enthusiasm. We are willing to offer references to anyone seeking her services."

Charles Farr, M.D. - Mary Farr, Amateur Rider and Sport Horse Breeder - Switzerland, FL

"As a dressage rider, Barbara works both on my horses as well as I. She helps keep the horses in top physical condition. As for me, she keeps my body physically loose and helps those aching muscles used everyday in riding. She even finds some that I didn't know I had,but in the end it is all for the better. Barbara gives 100% of her time, energy and knowledge to help with keeping both my horses and myself in top physical condition. THANK YOU Barbara!"

Margaret Duprey - Cherry Knoll Farm

"I have one true love and that is my horses. I do all I can to keep them fit,trouble free and happy. Barbara Foose has been an intricate part of my team for the Florida Winter Dressage Season in keeping my horses in top form, positive in their training and ready to compete. My primary horse, Come On III ,has reaped many benefits from Barbara's "magic hands" and patient professional manor. Barbara is very sensitive to what the horses are telling her and she is able to communicate any trouble area before they become an issue. She always arrives with a spring in her step and an upbeat attitude which is transmitted to the horses."

Shawna Harding - Professional Dressage Trainer and Competitor

"Barbara's expertise with both equine and human physiology, and her ability to correlate issues between my body and my horse's is absolutely invaluable, and key to keeping us in top grand prix form."

Tami Hoag - New York Times Best Selling Author and Top Amateur Grand Prix Dressage Rider

"Barbara has accomplished amazing results with my horse's body! Her expertise has helped me understand the major muscle groups better then ever before. Now that I know how to "read" my horse's muscles, I have been able to tailor my training sessions with him according to what his body is telling me it truly needs. It has been wonderful to work with a professional that isn't afraid to share what she knows and how she does it! I continue to look forward to Barbara's returning visits as this offers me the opportunity to re-check what I am finding in my horse against what she has worked on previously. I would personally recommend Barbara to anyone who rides and wants to take their horse to the next level. Her understanding of the horse's body coupled with her well rounded knowledge of how to progress a horse in training makes her the person whose opinion I trust completely."

Amanda Smith - Instructor of Dressage - The University of Findlay

"I have had the opportunity to have Barbara Foose work on my body for the last 3 years. I own a Pilates Studio in Findlay, Ohio and am very active. Barbara has an unbelievable ability to do body work that allows me to function at my fullest potential. I had pain in my scapula area from a car accident and Barbara has been able to use her knowledge to free me of that pain through massage therapy. I haven't seen a doctor or chiropractor in the time that she has worked on me. She literally has magic fingers! Thanks for keeping me moving to be able to do the work that I love...."

Shari Hart - Owner- Core Fitness Ltd. A pilates & yoga studio

"Dear Barbara,
Having just returned from a ride on my wonderful mare, how could I not think of you? I owe you a debt for keeping both of us in shape over the past 6 years. As for my horse, you "freed up" her neck and shoulders so she could develop the muscles needed to do her work and you've helped the rest of her enjoy peak condition as well.
Knowing her trouble spots and mine, I have also appreciated your guidance on keeping both of us working at our best. My physical issues have been more an issue than those of my horse and I have your bodywork to thank for being able to still ride. Your deep tissue massage combined with the yoga, AIS, and foam roll work you've taught me have enabled me to continue in my pursuit of an active, healthy life. Thank you, thank you !"

C. Leslie Charles, Speaker-Author-Inspirational Jewelry Designer

"Working with Barbara has been a tremendous experience. Between the Thai Massage and the Lomi Lomi, my body feels more flexible, more relaxed,and I feel full of energy. My body feels like it had a 75,000 mile tune up ! I readily recommend Barbara's work to my friends and family, and am happy to have her as a professional colleague here in the neighborhood."

Ari Globerman Certified Rolfing ® Structural Bodywork Therapist

"I love your Neuromuscular Therapy, Thai Massage ROCKS and I'm looking forward to experiencing the Lomi Lomi !"

Dotty Didier - Nurse Anesthetist

"Hi Barbara-
Thank you so much for your help with Ricky; your work with him pointed me in the right direction across the board. Here's the story:
In April of 2005 things had really started to come together for me with Ricky- he was growing up and trusting more, felt like butter to ride, even though he was a very sensitive over-achiever who worried alot. At the end of April, while in the outdoor wash rack for his first spring bath, he shied at a cloth blowing in the wind, and jumped up and forward into the crossties, the full weight of his body collapsing into his neck. I realized this was a neck trauma at the time but didn't pay all that much attention, since he seemed to be ok. Silly me. You saw him for the first time almost a month to the day after this incident, and identified the neck pain and compensatory pain throughout his body. I remember you calmly staying with him as he ran around his stall, trying to get away from being touched. While massaging up by his poll, you said, "Inside this frantic horse is a calm horse wanting to get out." Little did I know at the time how right you were!

The training work with Ricky began to deteriorate throughout the summer, and by August he had bucked me off badly, run over me, and was generally a frantic problem child. In early September I took him to MSU, where Dr. Rob Van Wessum diagnosed injured vertebral ligaments pretty much through his entire cervical spine, with an especially hot lesion C7-T1. At that point Ricky had about 70 % ability to bend his neck latteraly. Treatment consisted of 2 grams of bute a day initially, down to 1/2 gram twice a day, and regular turn out. He was to have to restrictions on his head and neck.

Over his year of recovery, gradually I could see improvement in his ability to use his neck, and once light work started, he looked pretty good, but was still somewhat frantic about being touched, groomed and handled in general. My gut told me I hadn't figured out the entire story yet, and I remembered you telling a mutual client that horses who are really touchy about their pectoral muscles, abdominals, etc. sometimes have been found to have ulcers. Well, if ever there was a horse who you would think would have ulcers, it would be Ricky, who seemed to stress about everything. So the latest chapter in his story has Ricky finishing up a month of Gastrogard, and what an unbelievable change. It was amazing to watch him today while you massaged him- he was calm and actually liked being touched! I feel like I have my horse back for the first time in two years.

Although many people have helped me with my horses over the years, your experienced touch, eye and intuition were so key to solving this Chinese puzzle box of a creature, I really am grateful you appeared in our lives. When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Thank you again Barbara, and we look forward to your next visit." p.s. Ricky thanks you too!

Julia Houle

"Dear Barbara: A big Thank You from myself and my horse for all your help over the years. Thank you for bringing flexibility back to my body after my mastectomy and fractured hip. Your various modalities and intuition as to just when to use what brings amazing results. I also appreciate the genuine concern you have for each client and your willingness to go that extra mile! Your constant search for new and better knowledge for yourself and your clients will keep you at the top of your chosen field. It is a privilege to know and work with you. "

Ellie Jensen -- Senior Centered Riding Instructor and Level Three TTEAM (Linda Tellington-Jones) Practitioner and owner of Checkered Flag Farm

"Barbara's amazing talents have kept both myself and my horses going strong for almost a decade. She never ceases to amaze me with her ability to bring out the relationship between a problem I may be having and how it affects my horses way of going. She then "fixes" both of us. One of the many things I admire and appreciate about her is her never ending enthusiasm for furthering her education and knowledge."

Jenifer Trefny

"I have had the privilege of having Barbara's magical healing hands for over 3 years. She has been a tremendous help for me in relieving my lower back pain. After a session with her the pain disappears. I look forward to her visits like a kid waiting for Santa!"

Chris Trefny

"I've known Barbara for almost 12 years and only wish she'd spend more time in North Florida. Any time I get to South Florida I will track her down. Not only does she make my aches and pains go away, she also works on my competition horse and my 23 year old school master. They always feel better and perform better after "Aunt Barbara" works on them ! Since Barbara was a top competitor herself, I think she brings a unique perspective to her work and can really analyze both horse and rider issues quickly. I really appreciate it when she meets us at shows and takes the time to watch our rides-she truly is a part of the team ! You just know she really cares about her friends and clients, both horse and human."

Mary Ann Callahan - Adult Amateur Dressage Competitor

"I have worked with quite a few "body workers" and Barbara is far and beyond all of them in her field of massage therapy. My horses always feel better after a session with her, as do I. Her integrity and ability to read the body is fantastic and unique ! "Thank you for the wonderful work that you do on my horses and myself. Bella and I just did our first Grand Prix together and received a 65.451! Love and best wishes."

Erin Brinkman - Spica Dressage and Head Trainer @Valhalla Farms

"Barbara, your bodywork truly is The Competitive Edge. Your extensive knowledge of both horse and rider and your amazing ability to free up troubled areas , either acute or chronic, really creates an "edge" for those you work on. With so many point specific techniques you always seem to have the most effective approach for any situation. You've made a world of difference with my body! It's because of your bodywork that I'm able to function as well as I do...minimizing and often eliminating a lot of pain that no one else, including physical therapists and chiropractors, could touch. You're always enthusiastic and have an amazing amount of "feel" as to what and how much to do to get the best results for each individual. I dread when you leave Florida in the Spring and eagerly await your return in the winter. Thanks for everything !!"

Naomi Ayrton - Trainer/ Competitor

"Nancy and I have greatly benefited from Barbara's body work. We think she is the BEST Massage Therapist ever and we've had a lot of experience for comparison."

Bruce and Nancy DeMaeyer

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